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Trying to pick up the pieces of something not broken

Struggling to learn how and what to do

Trying to act confident when life crashes around me

Fighting to hold it together when things get hard

Looking across the room at someone who’s hurting

Knowing they could care less what I think

Wanting to tell them I’m here to support them

Even when life is so difficult when I’m all by myself

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Nightmares, a Poem

(TRIGGER WARNING – graphic thoughts and scenes)

The nightmares have awakened.

The blur becomes complete.

Reality is gone.

It’s just them and me.

The demons are approaching,

Taking precious time

To slowly drain my sanity.

It’s all over this time.

The others fill my head,

Calling me a coward.

Why can’t I seem to get away?

I’m going to be devoured.

The serpents chase me through the halls.

The dragons trap me in their lair.

The monsters stake me through the joints.

I’m on display for those who don’t even care.