I am Phares (formerly Delia Jade).  I am polyamorous, pansexual, and pretty complicated in general.  I am separated from my husband, M, dating Rhys, and parent to two angels (Amelia, in angel arms February 2013, and Xander, in angel arms March 2014).  I am currently rediscovering my spiritual side.  Having grown up a clairvoyant in a strict Pentecostal church, I am just now discovering that everything I had been told was right or wrong, may actually be completely gray.  I am being guided by at least two spirit animals and one spirit guide: Kingair, my Alpha she-wolf, Kit, my mischievous kitsune, and Heathen.

I am slowly recording the story of my abuse here.  Take everything you read with a grain of salt as I am processing every memory at once in a deluge of emotions.  There are some happy memories that will lead to less happy memories, and I will try to post TRIGGER WARNINGS as needed.