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Journal Entry – December 28, 2016 – Suits

When I was young, I prayed every day for two things: to be a boy and to have someone love me for who I am. Almost five years ago, I thought I settled for what I was stuck with: a female body and a man who could never accept me for who I was because I could never show him. It wasn’t until recently that I learned that my prayers came true.

While some days are still hard and disphoria eats me alive, I am proud to know that one day this man will be able to walk down the aisle with his spouse and say his vows in a suit.  Now I know we discussed you getting to wear a white suit, but do you mind if I wear a black one?



From the long line of Benjamin O'Phares', steps the proud Phares Loren Hutchison, the first transguy to bear the family name with the dignity he was never bestowed.

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